Universal Horror Collection Volume 4 review

Universal horror collection volume 4 review Shout Factory! Reminds us every time they release a horror collection, why they’re number one on bringing the curated care we need for these collections. The movies in this collection are all great, with a great cast from the original days of horror. Now some of the readers may […]

The Nightshifter coming to DVD Jan 7th, 2020

The Nightshifter coming to dvd Jan 7th The Nightshifter which is currently streaming on Shudder is coming to DVD from RLJE Films. Directed by Dennison Ramalho (ABCs of Death 2), he co-wrote the script with Cláudia Jouvin (Alone Man) and Marco de Castro (Ninjas). The film stars Daniel de Oliveira (Jean Charles), Fabiula Nascimento (S.O.S.: Women to the Sea 1 & 2), Bianca Comparato (“3%”), and Marco Ricca (Delicate Crime).  […]